At a year old French Bulldog Bobby was diagnosed with heart failure, 5 months on he’s still going strong and raising awareness of heart disease

Bobby 1Bobby is a one year old French Bulldog who loves cuddles and sleeping.

Last year he collapsed and was rushed to a Vets Now where he was diagnosed with heart failure. The Vets performed many different tests and examinations and announced he had a poorly heart and the chambers in his heart were not pumping correctly. They stated he would only live a few hours/days.... if that, so we should say our goodbyes and prepare for the worst.

Now, 5 months later he is still with us. He doesn't go for walks, isn't allowed to run up the stairs and has to keep calm at all times but he is the happiest and most loving little puppy you could ever meet. He has been raising awareness of heart disease ever since.

He deserves to be pet of the month as he has been through so much and the saddest thing is, he doesn't even know he has heart failure.

(Bobby has a bucket list and one of his points is to be famous)