Frank is on the mend after having bark removed from his intestine

FrankFrank is an 11 month old French Bulldog X Pug, he is very playful and loves lots of cuddles - almost as much as he loves CHICKEN! Frank was rushed to Vets Now Derby one evening with sickness and lethargy. He was a very brave boy when he was given an anti-sickness injection and pain relief. He had to stay in overnight on a drip as he was severely dehydrated. He then was in and out of his normal vets and emergency care at Vets Now throughout the week. He was then admitted to another posh doggy hospital where he had to stay in over the weekend and have more scans and X-rays to check his tummy.

He was suffering from Ulcerated Gastroenteritis, so he had to have an endoscopy to check out his intestines. The vets found a piece of bark in his tummy and were able to remove that, but then he had to be rushed into theatre to have another piece safely removed from his intestines. He also had to have a chunk of his intestines removed too, as they were damaged due to the blockage.

He's definitely on the mend now, he has had his stitches out and he's now back to eating his normal food! Back to his usual mischievous self so he must be on the mend!