Boisterous Hooch is getting back to normality after emergency surgery

HoochWe took Hooch to Vets Now Sheffield as our local emergency vets were too busy with other emergencies to take him. We were concerned that with his size and breed that he had GDV so time was of the essence. We were seen very quickly and with a quick check over the vet, Helen, didn't think he had GDV which we were relieved about.

Hooch is a very grumpy dog around other animals so we were anxious to leave him, however we decided it would be for the best as by the morning we would know what the problem was. We didn't think it would be a serious issue, however after an X-ray it was apparent the case was serious and it was suspected there was a blockage in his small intestine.

The vet who had taken over Hooch's care, Katie, contacted us to inform us of her suspicions and we agreed to go ahead with surgery. Thank god we did, it turned out Hooch had a twisted colon!

Katie kept us informed every step of the way and was very realistic about the potential outcome, which helped us prepare ourselves for the worst. Thankfully, due to Katie's expertise he came through and has been going from strength to strength ever since.

Advising Katie prior to the surgery of my general concerns with GDV, she informed us of a prophylactic surgery that could be performed called a gastropexy and offered to do this whilst Hooch was under the anaesthetic, this has given us peace of mind for the future and I am extremely grateful to Katie for that.

I would have no qualms about visiting the surgery again, all staff were excellent, very caring and reassuring, from the reception staff to the nurses and the vets, we really felt Hooch was in safe hands and clearly he was. I would recommend this practice to anyone and would like to reassure anyone who is unfortunate enough to have a pet in need of emergency treatment that this surgery is fantastic and there is no need to worry.

Recovery has been tricky as Hooch is a boisterous lad and doesn't appreciate he has an abdomen full of stitches, he's due to have them out tomorrow and we can't wait to get back to some normality.

We are so grateful we had Katie and Helen on hand that night as perhaps our lovely boy wouldn't be with us now if not.