Your Brave Pet Stories

Paw printsEvery year we see and treat hundreds of pets, all of which are special to us. Here you can read the stories of just some of the brave patients that have visited our clinics across the UK. 

Our monthly Brave Pet Awards celebrate our bravest patients, who have still managed to wag their tails and put on a brave face despite their treatment.

For your pet's chance to win the title and some well deserved treats, upload their story.

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After Merlin’s freak accident and losing a leg he is on the mend, and being spoiled by his loving home

In a few days he was jumping on the sofa, and in a week, he chased a cat!  Not fast, mind you, but hell - he chased a cat on three legs!  I laughed so hard I nearly cried.  He was going to be OK.

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Harvey ruptures his bladder
Brave Harvey is quickly back to himself after rupturing his bladder jumping onto a trampoline

What was planned as a sunny Saturday evening family BBQ turned into a nightmare when our beloved (but slightly crazy) 4 year old Labrador, Harvey, decided he would like to follow a ball that had landed on the trampoline.

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“Cute as a button” Molly escapes with cuts and bruises after being hit by a car

Our little Molly is as cute as a button, extremely friendly and just loves attention. She is not usually allowed out by herself, but she has a little trick, when we are putting the bins out, she sneaks down the other side of our cars on the drive and takes herself up to the park which is just 4 houses up.

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Despite being unimpressed with 6 weeks in caged rest, boisterous kitten Buster is on the mend after returning home one night exhausted and injured

Our 15 month old kitten, Buster, is a boisterous, mischievous little monkey. He went out to play on Friday evening and didn't come home until midnight on Saturday.

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Laid back Rosie spends three nights with us when she suffers an Addison’s crisis

Rosie was admitted to Vets Now Sheffield after it was suspected that she was in an "Addison’s crisis". At the time she was admitted her potassium levels were 5.7, which is extremely dangerous

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Amazingly, little 'Scrappy' is back home the next day after being hit by a car

'Scrappy' came in to Vets Now Edinburgh early on the night of 24th July after being hit by a car travelling around 40mph, then dragged around 40feet.

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Thanks to "caring and dedicated staff at Vets Now Northampton" Missie is back home after chewing a toxic lily leaf

On Thursday 17th of July I bought a beautiful bouquet of scented Lilies, totally unaware of their toxic nature I placed them on the dining room table. During the afternoon of Friday the 18th of July I saw Missie jump down from the table when I entered the room, and 3 hours later, I noticed a lily leaf had been chewed.

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Ghost, Aslan and the bee!

One day Aslan came in with a buzzing in her mouth, I looked curiously to discover it was...A BEE! At this point it stung her and her best efforts to drop the bee were failing as it was caught on her lip.

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Thanks to emergency treatment, little Arnie is still with us and getting stronger every single day

On the morning of Friday 4th July Arnie was attacked by 5 dogs on his usual morning walk. The attack was so savage it left him fighting for his little life.

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Roland gets back to playing in the fields after getting a grass seed stuck in his paw

We noticed a big lump appear on Roland's paw on Saturday night and were not sure what to do. We rang Vets Now Milton Keynes who said to bring him in and he was seen in just over an hour from the phone call.

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