Your Brave Pet Stories

Paw printsEvery year we see and treat hundreds of pets, all of which are special to us. Here you can read the stories of just some of the brave patients that have visited our clinics across the UK. 

Our monthly Brave Pet Awards celebrate our bravest patients, who have still managed to wag their tails and put on a brave face despite their treatment.

For your pet's chance to win the title and some well deserved treats, upload their story.

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Pushkin's story

After needing to visit Vets Now Thamesmead twice for treatment, Pushkin is on the mend and feeling himself again.

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Despite suffering a tail injury, brave Smudge never stopped wagging it

While out on a walk, and accident lead to Smudge's tail being degloved. Smudge's owner acted quickly and brought Smudge to Vets Now for emergency treatment.

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After being diagnosed with Pyometra, Button visited Vets Now Colchester for lifesaving surgery

My Dalmatian dog Button was taken ill during the early evening, taken to our local vets and as they didn't have overnight facilities, after having a scan she was diagnosed with Pyometra and sent to the Vets Now Clochester, and had to have lifesaving surgery immediately that evening.

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Smokey's story

Smokey had her thyroid removed and had to have regular blood tests. The gland was removed on the Tuesday and by Friday she was showing signs of hypocalcaemia.

Vets Now took her in and admitted her. They gave her calcium and really looked after her and me, keeping Smokey in and me updated.

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Max became very poorly due to an obstruction, but he's now on the mend thanks to treatment from his daytime vet and Vets Now!

My dog was taken ill and ended up having his spleen taken away.

While his usual vet cut open his stomach, they found a whole carcus of a chicken inside a bag complete with string inside him. We have no idea how this came to be there as we make sure all our food waste is bagged and binned.

Max was taken to our local Vets Now surgery for overnight care.

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Feebee's Story

Unfortunately our story doesn’t have a happy ending, however the love and care that Feebee received by Vets Now during her last few hours needs to be shared. Our beautiful cream Labrador lived to a great age of 14 years old. We picked her up when she was 12 weeks old, and her life was always happy and loved.

Sadly we found a lump last year, and initially we were told by our local vet that she would probably only live for around another 6 months. Things took a turn for the worse and we had to call an emergency vet, and this is where Vets Now came into our story.

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"Wonderful patient and loving cat" Dennis is back home after major surgery

Dennis went out to explore on Friday evening like he always does, but about an hour later he came home looking very sorry for himself and walking very gingerly on his back legs. After leaving him to himself for a while, he retreated upstairs and settled on the bed. When I went up to check on him he wanted my fuss and butted my hand, but still looked very sorry for himself and I couldn't get a purr from him.

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After a week at the vets with a blocked bladder, Branston is back home with his brother

Branston became really poorly, really quickly over a weekend which it turned out to be a blockage in his bladder. If we had been a few hours later getting to the vets he would have died. The staff at Vets Now Sheffield were amazing. He was treated immediately and given him painkillers and emergency treatment (despite it being 6am!).

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After a turn for the worse and not feeling able to eat, Murphy visited Vets Now Worcester and is thankfully feeling better and has his appetite back!

After a turn for the worse and not feeling able to eat, Murphy visited Vets Now Worcester and is thankfully feeling better and has his appetite back!

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Handsome Ziggy suffered from Parvovirus at six months old, but thanks to treatment from his daytime vet and Vets Now he's now a strong and very happy boy

Ziggy was only 6 months old and caught the dreaded "parvovirus" It was a horrible time. He was taken in by our vets, Rogers Brock and Barker initially and transferred nightly to Vets Now Stoke. The Principal Vet was very helpful and reassuring in our time of need. He was also very informative and kept me very in the know calling to tell me about Ziggy’s progress.

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