Your Brave Pet Stories

Paw printsEvery year we see and treat hundreds of pets, all of which are special to us. Here you can read the stories of just some of the brave patients that have visited our clinics across the UK. 

Our monthly Brave Pet Awards celebrate our bravest patients, who have still managed to wag their tails and put on a brave face despite their treatment.

For your pet's chance to win the title and some well deserved treats, upload their story.

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Rory's Story
Rory is hospitalised after eating cat litter

Thanks to Frances for sending us this story about her black Labrador Rory. Rory, is a typical Labrador (he eats anything!) and decided to eat some cat litter overnight (presumably because it had some tasty cat poo in it). The following evening he was hospitalised on a drip.

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Indie's Story
Indie eats psoriasis cream

Fiona’s year old puppy Indie (right) was rushed to Vets Now after eating a tube of psoriasis cream for her partner’s skin condition. As the puppy didn’t appear to have any side effects, Fiona didn’t realise the severity of the situation, however a phone-call to Vets Now confirmed that Indie was suffering from Vitamin D poisoning, which if left untreated can be extremely toxic.

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