Your Brave Pet Stories

Paw printsEvery year we see and treat hundreds of pets, all of which are special to us. Here you can read the stories of just some of the brave patients that have visited our clinics across the UK. 

Our monthly Brave Pet Awards celebrate our bravest patients, who have still managed to wag their tails and put on a brave face despite their treatment.

For your pet's chance to win the title and some well deserved treats, upload their story.

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Riley's Story
Playful Riley eats a toxic daffodil bulb

Riley is a beautiful black Labrador, but to me he is my friend and companion. When he was 6 months old, we went into the garden to do some gardening. I did all the work and he was just a bundle of play. I noticed he was playing with a daffodil bulb, which he had pulled up as it was a lovely day and all the flowers were out. I tried to take it off him, but he thought I was a lovely game. After a time, we came into the house and Riley started to tremble and growl.

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Corki and Poppy 200x135
Corki and Poppy warn doggy friends about the dangers of chocolate

We're Corki and Poppy (tri colour and ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniels). I Poppy (the ruby one) was really quite naughty and managed to escape my crate and jump high enough to knock down an open pack of chocolate my Mum had left out.

It was all very yummy, but oh dear it got me into a lot of trouble!

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Dogs will be dogs: Bella's story
Bella's Story

After returning home from a walk in the park, mum opened the car door for Bella to jump in - but Bella had other ideas! She had spotted a cat in the garden opposite and decided she wanted to chase it! She shot across the road at the exact same time a car was passing and it hit her on her left side. Bella skidded across the road and lay in a heap, my mum panicked, dropped everything she was holding and ran to help her.

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Watsons Story
Watson's Story

Meet Watson, a rescue Labrador who has a love for sticks and whose favourite game is to cram as many as possible into his mouth. This had never been a problem until recently, when after gathering up his sticks he suddenly yelped, sat down and started shaking. There was no blood, but it was clear that he wasn’t right, so his owners took him to Vets Now Tunbridge Wells.

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Rosie's Story
Rosie's Story

Although I am against throwing sticks for my dogs, our young Cairn terrier actually had the misfortune to get a 4 inch stick implaled in her mouth on 29th December 2012. It was not a stick we had thrown for her as we don't encourage that, but she had actually been running through the woods at warp factor ten, tripped and landed awkwardly, she yelped but would not let anyone touch her mouth, there was no obvious bleeding or trauma otherwise.

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Griff sml
Griff's Experience of GDV

Ceri recently very nearly lost her much loved dog Griff to GDV (often referred to as bloat or gastric torsion), and would like to share his story to help raise awareness of this very frightening condition. GDV usually happens quickly with the dog deteriorating within hours - but Griff's experience was different. Ceri counts herself very lucky to still have Griff and hopes his story can help others.

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Millie profile
Millie feasts on the Christmas chocolates

Millie's story shows just how much dogs love chocolate and that no matter how hard we try to keep it out of paws out of reach, where there's a will, there's a way!

After hiding two boxes of Thorntons, two boxes of Matchmakers and a tube of Minstrels in a basket 5ft up at the back of the hall cupboard, Karen, Millie's owner thought they'd be safe. Four hours later she returned to find Millie had polished off the lot!

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Herbie sml
Herbie's experience of bloat

I have written this article in the hope that it will bring to the attention of any Newfoundland owners just how serious this condition is and that everyone needs to be aware of the symptoms.

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Austin (sml)
Austin is diagnosed with Addisons Disease

Lauren and James experienced one of the worst and scariest experiences of their our lives when they took their border collie, Austin (2 years of age), for his usual long walk on the moors; on his way home he started slowing down to a point where he was dragging his feet, to their shock he collapsed outside his home.

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The dangers of sticks to dogs

Megan, an English springer spaniel sustained a very serious injury whilst on a walk in the woods. Although Megan’s injury was due to a freak accident caused while she was running through the woods, her owner Barbara, would like to highlight that fact that some of the most common dog injuries, often lethal, are caused by sticks thrown by their owners.Read story...