Your Brave Pet Stories

Paw printsEvery year we see and treat hundreds of pets, all of which are special to us. Here you can read the stories of just some of the brave patients that have visited our clinics across the UK. 

Our monthly Brave Pet Awards celebrate our bravest patients, who have still managed to wag their tails and put on a brave face despite their treatment.

For your pet's chance to win the title and some well deserved treats, upload their story.

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Flora's Story

The week before Christmas, Flora, a Miniature Dachshund was admitted to our Hemel Hempstead clinic after she suffered Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE) in the night.

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Tia's Story

Due to Tia’s owners’ vigilance her cancerous mast cell tumour was caught early with no visible spread.

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Frank is on the mend after having bark removed from his intestine

Frank is an 11 month old French Bulldog X Pug, he is very playful and loves lots of cuddles - almost as much as he loves CHICKEN! Frank was rushed to Vets Now Derby one evening with sickness and lethargy.

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Bobby 1
At a year old French Bulldog Bobby was diagnosed with heart failure, 5 months on he’s still going strong and raising awareness of heart disease

Bobby is a one year old French Bulldog who loves cuddles and sleeping. Last year he collapsed and was rushed to a Vets Now where he was diagnosed with heart failure. The Vets performed many different tests and examinations and announced he had a poorly heart and the chambers in his heart were not pumping correctly.

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Lucky Daisy escapes with minor injuries after a car accident

Daisy was hit by a car, which kept driving and never stopped, whilst out on a walk. She was covered in blood around her mouth and we were told by a witness that she went under the wheels.

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Four month old Binky is back to being naughty after being diagnosed with a bowel blockage

Binky was a four months old lively, happy puppy who suddenly went quiet. We took him to the vet who thought he had an infection and his blood tests showed a low count. He was admitted to Vets Now Stoke for overnight care and was diagnosed during the night with a bowel blockage.

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Boisterous Hooch is getting back to normality after emergency surgery

We took Hooch to Vets Now Sheffield as our local emergency vets were too busy with other emergencies to take him. We were concerned that with his size and breed that he had GDV so time was of the essence. We were seen very quickly and with a quick check over the vet, Helen, didn't think he had GDV which we were relieved about.

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Weasel is glad to be back with his chickens!

It all started on a Friday when I visited my vets as my mummy was concerned I wasn’t being myself, lethargic, quiet and not chomping my food. My name was called, "Weasel" please, I was weighed and checked over and then it all hit home. 

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Cheeky pug Dougie visits the vets after deciding to cheer himself up with some chocolate chip biscuits

Dougie has been fighting with soft pallet issues since he was a baby as he is a Pug. He needs an operation to fix it. But before his operation is due, he decided to eat some chocolate Chip biscuits to cheer himself up when nobody could see.

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Sophie the bunny makes a full recovery after suffering with GI stasis, thanks to Sophie the vet!

I just wanted to share my experience of using your service. My 6 month old rabbit, Sophie, became very unwell very suddenly and I was advised by yourselves to bring her straight in. 

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