When vet nurse Carla's 3 year old tabby, Molly, went missing for 3 weeks, she thought she'd never see her again


I had recently bought a house and moved in with my 2 cats, Molly a 3 year old tabby and Dougal a 2 year old tabby, who is unfortunately blind. After a few weeks Molly was desperate to go out and start exploring her new environment. All was going well until one evening Molly didn't come home. She has always been an adventurous cat who loved to spend hours out and about, so I wasn't unduly worried. It was a summer's evening and my neighbour said they had seen her earlier stalking birds in their garden, so I thought she would appear when she was hungry!

However, one night turned into several nights and I was worried. I scoured the neighbourhood calling for her and through my pet insurance company, I arranged to have missing posters and leaflets made up which we delivered around the local area. I contacted local vets, missing pets websites and even set up a Facebook page asking people to look out for her.

Working as an emergency veterinary nurse I was very well aware of the possible scenarios that could've happened to her and was dreading that phone call to say she had been found injured, or worse. Days turned into weeks and after 3 weeks with no sightings at all I had sadly resigned myself to not seeing her again.

However, one afternoon as I was sleeping after a nightshift, I was woken up by very loud insistent meowing coming from my front garden. I rushed downstairs to open the door to find my precious Molly had come home! After lots of cuddles from me she ran to her food bowl and ate voraciously. She was very skinny, had grazes to her chin, a piece of her ear was torn and she was limping a little.

As I was working again that night I took her to work with me and my vet for the night checked her over. Apart from losing a kilo in weight (about a third of her bodyweight!) and having a little bit of spinal/hip pain, she was fine. We ran a minimum database blood sample and her results were normal apart from a very slight increase in her BUN result (kidney test). We put this down to her probably having restricted access to water for those 3 weeks she was gone. She was given pain relief and settled into a bed for the night where she slept soundly.

She was kept indoors for a few weeks to recover and soon put back on the weight she lost and was back to her normal self, and was desperate to go out again.

That was a few months ago - she is still an adventurous cat but now comes home every night without fail. I will never know what happened to her or where she was for those 3 long weeks but I'm just so glad I got her back!