Rescue Mercy is now fit, healthy, bouncy and playful thanks to Principal Nurse Manager Sarah

Some would say I have enough on my plate being Principal Nurse Manager at a busy clinic (so in effect having 2 full time jobs), sharing my home with 3 demanding cats, my garden with 2 guinea pigs and not to mention having two young sons and a partner, so the last thing I needed was to take on anything extra.

And that was the last thing on my mind when one night in clinic a lady appeared at the Reception desk with a large tote bag slung over one shoulder and a small brown head poking out of the bag.  The lady explained she had found the stray “puppy” and had taken it home and fed it but it didn’t look well so she thought she best get it checked.  Once out of the bag we were faced with the skinniest, most pitiful looking Staffordshire bull terrier cross dog I had seen for a while.  The “puppy” (who is actually a young adult) was so emaciated she couldn’t even support her own weight and collapsed as soon as she was placed on to the consultation table.  She weighed 6.6kg and was just skin and bone, she was definitely size zero!  We immediately admitted her and started treatment and fed her little and often.  She ate with gusto and was clearly starving. 

Two days later I was back on shift and walked into the kennel room to find a lively, affectionate dog had replaced the skinny, broken down dog I had seen previously.  It was looking likely that she would be going to the dog warden and then on to a rescue but with an abundance of staffy type dogs in the area and with her low body weight, her chances of survival wouldn’t be great.  So, and I can only blame it on sleep deprivation (it’s a permanent state of mind for me after 7+yrs of working nights) and being a sucker for a sob story (ask the 3 cats), I found myself saying “I’ll take her”.  So I returned home from that shift with a little brindle waif lying across the back seats of the car.  My sons were over the moon, although the younger one was a little disappointed as he told me he would have preferred a fluffy one, my partner less so.  The reassurance that we were only “fostering” her didn’t really do much to appease, and as he pointed out we were only “fostering” the three cats, the oldest of which is now 11yrs old.

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So fast forward 10wks and Mercy is now fit, healthy, bouncy and playful and will eat anything and everything if I’m not vigilant.  She now weighs 12.9kg and her and the cats have reached an agreement, they pretend she doesn’t exist and she watches their every move but doesn’t chase them.   I’ve actually found that taking her for a walk after finishing a night shift is quite therapeutic, I can walk off any residual stress from my shift and it helps clear my mind.  So I’ve explained to the other half that she has to stay as she is having a positive effect on my mental wellbeing, plus more importantly she’s just so damn cute!

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Sarah is our Principal Nurse Manager at Vets Now Liverpool