Meet Melissa Whiteman,Principal Nurse Manager and her dog Oobie

My Dogs Tongue Is Too LongOobie is a pedigree Bull Mastiff, but she will never win Cruft’s due to her “unique looks”. She was bred in conditions which we considered far from ideal. Myself being a Veterinary Nurse for many years I knew not to buy dogs from such places as I knew this encouraged more dogs to be bred and sold, but having seen the advert on a professional looking website purporting to be from a top breeder that had showed their dogs at Crufts, we had no idea until we got there and saw her cowering in the corner. I could not leave without her and that I could give her a good home with the love and attention she needed despite her “charming good looks”.  My husband and I were in love with her from the minute we saw her, tongue and all.

We drove the long journey back home to Lincolnshire with her hiding in the back of the car. As soon as got home we reported the breeder to the authorities and took her in the house where hid in the large kitchen cupboard behind the mop bucket for 3 days, refusing to come out. We had to squash a bed, water and food in there with her and we knew she would come out when she was ready. We offered her treats and the other dogs tried to get her to come out, and on the fourth day she emerged with her tail between her legs.

Over the next few months we offered lots of love and attention, not to mention trips to the beach with the other dogs, and she soon came out of her shell. Newt, our English Mastiff became her best friend and they were inseparable, plus Oobie could hide under Newt whenever something scary came along.

Eating and drinking with a big tongue can be very messy and most of it goes on the floor. Oobie usually tips her food bowl over and hoovers the food off the floor rather than eat it from a bowl. Sometimes she runs around with the food bowl in her mouth and one time this led to her knocking a tooth out on the door frame when she walked into it bringing me her bowl.

10 years later Oobie is now an old girl, she is on Metacam for her arthritis and a low calorie dog food, exercise and carrots for treats as she has gained few too many pounds. She loves her life and she has bags of confidence, and welcomes everyone confidently who comes to the door. She gives them a paw, even if they have not asked for one, and offers to sit all of her 50kgs on the guest’s knee. She gives big slobbery kisses and likes to steel my end of the sofa and refuse to get off.

I wouldn’t change her for the world!