Meet Kathryn Welsh, our Principal Nurse Manager at our Preston clinic

When did you become a veterinary nurse?

I qualified in 2008 following completion of BSc (Hons) degree in Veterinary Health Studies from Sparsholt College, Winchester.  Following graduation I worked in a number of different practices to build up my experience and in 2011 I joined Vets Now and I am really enjoying working in emergency and critical care.

How many pets do you have and what are their names?

I have 2 rescue dogs – Spot, a 10yr old Collie x SBT and Abi, a 6yr old Labrador x pointer – they love nothing more than a walk along the beach and for Abi a walk that involves water is even better. She is a fab swimmer and slightly obsessed by her ball!!  Walking them is a great way to unwind after a manic nightshift and gets them ready for a nice daytime snooze! 



What is your favourite animal?

I love miniature Shetlands – tiny ponies with huge attitude!! 

What’s your favourite animal film?

Black Beauty is the ultimate animal film – although even the opening scenes make me tear up as I know what is coming later on!

How did you pick your pets’ names?

Spot was named when he arrived – it is a little random for him as he isn’t spotted at all!! But hey he knows it so we didn’t change it.  Abi was originally called Ali when I picked her up from the Dogs Trust – she knew the sound so I couldn’t get away with changing it very far hence the one letter change!!  My mum has German Shepherds and they all have names beginning with the letter D… little bit random but she currently has Daisy, Dodge and Deeva!!

What pets did you have growing up?

Growing up we had an Irish wolfhound x Labrador called Wolfie – she was the cutest/scruffiest girl ever!! I remember the day my mum turned up at the school gates with her, I must have only been 6-7yrs old, and I was so excited!! I showed her at some local fairs/shows and for 3yrs running she won the scruffiest dog class!

What are the most unusual names you’ve heard for a pet?

I love pets with human names – Dave the cat has to be one of my favourites and also Colin the JRT!!

What are your favourite breeds of dog/cat?

Although I’ve always been around big-ish dog breeds, I am a sucker for a cute Border or Jack Russell Terrier.  I am much more of a dog person than cat but I do love a chatty Siamese cat or beautifully marked Bengal.

What would you be if you weren’t a veterinary nurse?

If I wasn’t a veterinary nurse I think I would be working with horses, but honestly, I’m not sure as I have always wanted to be a veterinary nurse!! I work hard at continuing my education having just completed my Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care Veterinary Nursing and am now looking into further courses. 

What would be your top tip to a new pet owner?

My top tip for all pet owners would be pet insurance – ensuring it is a cover for life policy! If in doubt speak to your daytime practice about it!