After being adopted by our vet Clare, Curious George, is getting used to life at home on the farm


A stray ginger cat came into the Colwyn Bay clinic one summer weekend. His leg had been trapped through his collar and he had a large deep wound. We were even considering amputating his leg as the wound was so bad.

He needed a home to give him chance to heal. Our Principal Nurse took him at first and named him George. With rest and care, the wound was starting to heal. However, George and Toby the collie had their differences which were difficult to resolve!

So George has found a home on my family small holding on Anglesey. He is probably the happiest cat I have ever known, with big cheeks and a Cheshire smile. He rolls over for belly rubs as if he were a dog. He and Panther don't quite see eye to eye but crumpet thinks he's alright.                                                                                 


Crumpet..and Panther

Crumpet And Panther

Bruce and Schopenhauer, our whippet and Yorkshire terrier have learnt from Panther that it is never good to see eye to eye with a feline so give George healthy respect. He has found his place on the farmyard, curious George can be found mousing in the garden or sitting in his favourite chair, all four legs stretched out. His wound is slowly healing :)



He is yet to meet any naughty little piglets but there is always new life to come on the farm.                     


The goats aren't sure about him yet!


Madge and Mabli

I would love to know his past and how such a friendly cat was a stray for so long. And sadly know his likely future had he not found a home with us. He is now castrated and microchipped so that George will never be lost again.

Clare Gaunt is our Principal Vet at Vets Now Colwyn Bay