Do fireworks cause distress to my small pet?

As is the case with dogs and cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters can all be affected by fireworks, and you can really help your pet by ensuring you keep them as calm and comfortable as possible while fireworks are going off. As well as the obvious dangers, be aware that some pets can get very scared and run off, sometimes resulting in serious injuries or getting lost. Every year we see pets who have been involved in road traffic accidents after being spooked by fireworks and running into the road.

What might I see if my pet becomes distressed?

  • Stamping hind feet
  • Staying motionless
  • Trying to escape

What can I do to help?

  • Ideally, bring the hutch inside. If this isn’t possible, partly cover hutches and other outside cages with blankets so that they have some soundproofing
  • If you have a house rabbit or can bring him inside, try to soundproof your house — closing windows and drawing curtains
  • Provide some background “white noise” such as the TV, radio or other music — it’s wise to start this in advance of the fireworks starting
  • Make sure hutches and cages contain hiding places and secure areas where your pet can go to feel safe, with plenty of bedding — this will help keep noise out and provide a hiding place
  • Rabbits, in particular, are social animals so try to make sure they’re with someone they’re familiar with

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