Watson's Story: A very lucky dog with a love for sticks

Meet Watson, a rescue Labrador who has a love for sticks and whose favourite game is to cram as many as possible into his mouth. This had never been a problem until recently, when after gathering up his sticks he suddenly yelped, sat down and started shaking. There was no blood, but it was clear that he wasn’t right, so his owners took him to Vets Now Tunbridge Wells. read more

Bella's Story: Bella was rushed to Vets Now after she was hit by a car while chasing a cat across the road

After returning home from a walk in the park, mum opened the car door for Bella to jump in - but Bella had other ideas! She had spotted a cat in the garden opposite and decided she wanted to chase it! She shot across the road at the exact same time a car was passing and it hit her on her left side. Bella skidded across the road and lay in a heap, my mum panicked, dropped everything she was holding and ran to help her. read more

Winter weather safety advice for your pet

With the snow returning to much of the UK and the Met Office issuing warnings in Scotland and most of England, here are some hints and tips to help you keep your pet in top shape during the cold weather. read more

New Evening CPD Dates Announced - Scotland

Vets Now Referrals is delighted to offer you and your colleagues the opportunity to hear the latest ideas on various small animal topics from our referral team. read more

Corki and Poppy warn doggy friends of the dangers of chocolate in the run up to Easter

We're Corki and Poppy (tri colour and ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniels). I Poppy (the ruby one) was really quite naughty and managed to escape my crate and jump high enough to knock down an open pack of chocolate my Mum had left out. It was all very yummy, but oh dear it got me into a lot of trouble! read more