Tick Bite Prevention Week

This week (24 - 30 March) it’s Tick Bite Prevention Week and Tick-borne disease charity, Borreliosis and Associated Diseases Awareness UK (BADA-UK) has teamed up with animal health company Merial to raise awareness of the growing risk of tick-borne diseases. read more

Beware of these Easter and spring hazards for your pet

Springtime normally brings an increased number of cases to our out of hours clinics. Brighter days mean that people and their pets are out and about enjoying the weather, but it can also present new dangers. We tend to see cat fights, dog bites, poisonings, allergic reactions and occasionally (although perhaps not this year!) cases of heat stroke. Our veterinary team has this advice to help you keep your pet safe this spring... read more

Playful Riley eats a toxic daffodil bulb

Riley is a beautiful black Labrador, but to me he is my friend and companion. When he was 6 months old, we went into the garden to do some gardening. I did all the work and he was just a bundle of play. I noticed he was playing with a daffodil bulb, which he had pulled up as it was a lovely day and all the flowers were out. I tried to take it off him, but he thought I was a lovely game. After a time, we came into the house and Riley started to tremble and growl. read more

Corki and Poppy warn doggy friends of the dangers of chocolate in the run up to Easter

We're Corki and Poppy (tri colour and ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniels). I Poppy (the ruby one) was really quite naughty and managed to escape my crate and jump high enough to knock down an open pack of chocolate my Mum had left out. It was all very yummy, but oh dear it got me into a lot of trouble! read more

New Evening CPD Dates Announced - Scotland

Vets Now Referrals is delighted to offer you and your colleagues the opportunity to hear the latest ideas on various small animal topics from our referral team. read more