Adventurous Simba is on the road to recovery after lots of love and care

Simba is a typical cat, and loves his adventures. He spends most of the day climbing on the window sill in the kitchen, jumping out of window and round to the front door to be let in again! He has a good check we’re all there, then off he goes again! But one day, after one of his adventures Simba came home with a swollen leg and in a lot of pain. read more

With the weekend set to be a hot one for most of the country, here's some advice on protecting your dog from heatstroke

Hot sunny days are the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, but it’s important to remember that even fit and healthy dogs can easily overheat in this weather. read more

Pet proofing your garden: some handy tips

Summer is finally here and it’s time you can spend a bit more time outdoors. The best way to protect your garden and pets is by designing a pet-friendly garden. Here are some tips to protect your pets and your garden. read more

Rescue dog Lincoln undergoes complex surgery, thanks to the efforts of a charity and its supporters

A rescue dog that needed complex emergency surgery for a collapsed lung has made an incredible recovery, thanks to the efforts of a charity and its supporters who raised thousands of pounds for his operation at Vets Now Referrals in only a week. read more

Pint sized pooch in the pink after swallowing owner’s thong

A cheeky little dog that stole a thong from a washing basket and swallowed it is in the pink again, thanks to the quick actions of his owner and emergency vets. Buddy, a 13-month-old Shih Tzu, had a lucky escape when owner Gemma Helsby saw him choking on her pink pants and rushed him to Vets Now in St Helens. read more