Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month

At Vets Now we are proud to only employ Registered Veterinary Nurses as we understand the commitment that goes into training as a nurse and the expertise our RVNs bring to our teams. In short, we value our nurses.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from our own Veterinary Surgeons:

“Nurses are an essential part of being able to provide high quality care, especially in an emergency setting, where the nurses are covering a variety of duties and have to be highly flexible and able to multi-task. Myself as a vet would not be able to carry out all those tasks without a fabulous nurse by my side.”

“The benefits of having a qualified nurse triage a patient while I am in surgery or consulting and being able to make a rapid decision to move that patient quickly to the treatment room for life saving procedures like oxygen therapy, to place an IV, collect blood for MDB, start IVF resuscitation and tube placement, start CPR. These skills regularly save lives.

“They are always lovely to the clients, very sympathetic and caring with animals.

When we are busy I can rely fully on them to look after the inpatients to high standards and I know they will pick up immediately if anything I wrong. I’m really impressed with the level of knowledge and experience they have.”

Every year we recognise our ‘Emergency Nurse of the Year’ at our annual awards ceremony to applaud the efforts of those who go above and beyond for their vocation. 

Of course, the best voices to hear are those of our nurses themselves:

“I now feel well equipped to tackle all kinds of exciting clinical cases despite being newly qualified. The in-house support is incredible and if at any point I was unsure about any little thing, someone was there to help and answer my questions. Taking the Nursing Edge course is the best decision I've ever made”

“The caseload I have seen at Vets Now has been amazing and I really feel like I get to use all my skills as an RVN!”

For more information on Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month, check out the BVNA’s website.

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