Where do I send my claim form once I have completed my part?

Either email or post a copy of the insurance form to the clinic for completion by the veterinary surgeon. You can also pop in with the form to the clinic if you live nearby. Please check the opening times of the clinic before making your way in.

What happens while I’m waiting for the insurance company to process my claim?

The majority of the time insurance companies settle claims very quickly. On the occasions where it takes a little longer, Vets Now may send gentle reminders about the outstanding balance. The liability for the outstanding bill does sit with the pet owner which is why those reminders are issued. If you have any concerns about any delay in payment then please contact the Client Care team on 01383 223 902 in the first instance.

How do I avoid paying two excesses when I take my pet to my own practice with the same condition?

Ensure you advise Vets Now and your own practice that it is a continuation claim and the insurance form will be marked as such.

The insurance company has said it hasn’t received the form, what do I do?

Call the Client Care team on 01383 223 902 and we can often locate your insurance form and forward on to the insurance company through email. Please ensure you have your insurance policy number at hand along with your insurance company’s email address.

How do I make a claim?

Review your insurance policy or contact your insurance provider for pre-authorisation to ensure your pet is covered for emergency care. Please note that pre-existing conditions are sometimes excluded and other exclusions may apply so it is always beneficial to discuss your policy with your insurance company prior to completing an insurance claim form.

When you know you definitely want to claim obtain a copy of an updated claim form from your insurance company, most can be downloaded from their website. In the majority of cases the person named on the policy needs to complete part one yourself and then either email or post a copy of the form for completion by the vet at the clinic you attended or take it in to the clinic during their opening hours.

Is there an administration charge to complete the form?

There is an admin charge which includes the time taken to complete the form along with any additional costs and any follow up questions from the insurance company to ensure minimal hold ups. Please ask the clinic for the admin charge cost.

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