I decided to undertake a 2 week EMS placement with Vets Now Milton Keynes branch in the middle of my 4th year. I had little experience of out of hours work and thought that it would be very beneficial to me as I wanted to pursue a career in small animal practice. I was also interested in the variety in case load that you often do not see in day practice.

My 2 week placement consisted of 6 night shifts and one weekend day shift. During this time I would be involved in consultations and admissions of emergency cases and their work up and case management. I also gained experience with monitoring critical inpatients and basic clinical skills such as blood sampling, IV catheter placement and anaesthetic monitoring of critical patients. During the quieter moments of the night the on duty vet would talk through cases in the hospital or other common emergency presentations, passing on many handy hints and tips!

I was fortunate enough to see a very varied case load and work with a very friendly team. I gained the experience and confidence to work up and manage many common emergency presentations that may be daunting to a new graduate vet, including; road traffic accidents, wounds, toxicities, animals suffering from seizures, FATE cats, blocked bladders and more! It also gave me an insight into managing clients in what is often a highly stressful and upsetting time for them.

If you are considering an EMS with Vets Now I would highly recommend it; I found it to be a valuable and enjoyable placement. It provided a completely different experience to that of any other small animal work I had completed. It allowed me to gain an understanding of common emergency cases and how to remain calm under pressure and prioritise and prepare for an out of hours emergency! I came away with a strong interest in emergency and critical care which I probably would not have discovered if it wasn't for my EMS with Vets Now.