Extra-mural studies

EMS with added excitement!

Dog learning


At Vets Now, we see over 100,000 emergency cases each year across our 53 clinics around the UK, meaning that there are plenty of learning opportunities for veterinary students.

If you are a 4th year or 5th year veterinary student and interested in some great ECC experience, then we can help.

Emergencies can be daunting for anyone, but particularly the less experienced new graduate. Gaining experience and improving your knowledge of Emergency and Critical Care will make emergencies easier to deal with when you're faced with the real thing. That's why we've designed an extra-mural programme to give veterinary students not only hands-on experience of managing critically ill animals, but also observing the difficult and emotive conversations with clients. 

To get the most out of your time with us, we encourage our EMS students to spend at least one week with us and we'd love for you to keep in touch - we're always delighted to help our next generation of ECC superstars!  

If you're interested in booking a placement with us, please contact ems@vets-now.com telling us:

  • your contact details
  • the university where you are studying to be a vet
  • your year of study at university
  • the clinic where you would like to undertake EMS
  • the start date and end date of your EMS period