Attracting the best people is James’s top priority

James Forrester is a senior talent partner and is primarily responsible for recruiting vet surgeons for our Edge induction programmes.

In the time he’s been at Vets Now, James has built positive relationships with many skilled clinicians, welcoming them into the business and following their career progression.

In many cases, these vets and vet nurses have come from countries in the EU.

Now the UK has left the EU, James is looking forward to continuing to build those relationships and providing as much help and guidance to potential new recruits as possible.

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What’s your role?

I predominantly look after our Edge induction programmes, which provide support for our vets before they start working in our clinics. I recruit vets with different levels of experience, anything from six months to as much as 20 years and more. There is a route for them all into this business. I work very closely with every candidate. I try to find out what kind of clinic they want to work in and what level of work-life balance they aspire to. Once I understand the candidate’s needs, we can tailor what we can offer.

How has Brexit changed things?

The fundamentals have remained the same as we still want to attract the very best talent, no matter which country they’re from. There are now new processes we must follow as a result of the UK leaving the EU but we can offer candidates full support with the changes and the talent team are fully trained to help with visa applications. We’ll apply for the right to sponsor candidates and then liaise with the candidate throughout the sponsorship process. We’ll be with the candidate every step of the way.

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There are now new processes we must follow as a result of the UK leaving the EU. We can offer candidates full support with the changes and the talent team are fully trained to help with visa applications.

James Forrester Senior talent partner

Are you still looking to recruit vets from the EU?

Absolutely. We’re keen to speak with vets who have an interest in emergency and critical care, regardless of where they are currently based. It obviously helps that Vets Now is a great place to work. We are always reviewing our salaries, working conditions and hours to ensure staff enjoy the best possible work-life balance.

What do your Edge programmes offer?

In essence, our Edge programmes are designed to boost confidence and enhance the skills of vet surgeons who have a keen interest in emergency and critical care. Our programmes are delivered virtually by specialists and experienced emergency clinicians and cover a range of medical and surgical topics. Mentored shifts with an experienced emergency vet form a core part of the programmes and practical sessions are also included. Vets who attend the programme will also widen their support network as they will meet likeminded people.

Does your role end when candidates start working?

No, we always stay in touch. We’ll ask how they’re getting on, and check to ensure they aren’t experiencing any difficulties. We like to hear feedback on all of these aspects long after someone has been placed, primarily to help ensure the expectations we set during the recruitment process are being met. This helps us improve our service.

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What do you like most about your job?

Because the recruitment process is so in-depth and we are the first point of contact, you do form good relationships. It’s lovely to see how the career of a candidate you’ve placed progresses. They may have started as a Cutting Edge vet and then been promoted to a senior vet and then you see them applying for other roles within the company. There’s so much satisfaction when you hear someone is thriving. It means recruiting them was the right thing for them and the business.

What’s your background?

I’ve been here for three-and-a-half years and have over 10 years’ experience in the recruitment industry. The attraction of Vets Now is that you can really make an impact. Getting to know a company from the inside helps when you’re placing a candidate as you understand the culture and ethos and how everything works.

What is the ethos at Vets Now?

Everyone knows everyone at Vets Now and we’re all working towards the same common goal, regardless of the area we work in. We have respect from our managers who let us use our initiative and take the lead, even when we’re working remotely.

How do you relax?

I couldn’t say I’m an active sporty type and you won’t catch me in a pair of running shoes. I do love reading, cooking, a good ‘80s movie – and I don’t think there’s much I haven’t checked out on Netflix!