Emergency vet loves the flexibility her shift pattern offers

Emergency vet Ana-Maria Rotariu ditched the Monday to Friday world almost a year ago.

Her weekend shift routine at Vets Now in Dundee, Ana-Maria says, is a vast improvement over the traditional work schedule.

For one thing, it gives her plenty of free time to enjoy the finer things in life. It has enabled her to travel more, spend valuable time with her family and invest in her own professional development.

Ana-Maria, 29, said: “Working only weekends gives me the time for other activities during the week. Be it a second job, more time with my family, travelling or investing time in hobbies, I can manage all of them.

“After I finish a weekend shift I dedicate myself to the things I love most — besides my job — with all my heart and without worry that I need to wake up the next morning because I have to go to work.”

Image of vets working in one of Vets Now's emergency hospitals

Make your weekends work

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Weekend vacancies

Our weekend-only roles typically suit ambitious clinicians keen to experience the cut-and-thrust of emergency practice, people who need time off during the week, and locums looking for a little more stability.

One of the main reasons they’re attractive is they provide an enhanced rate of pay and a full package of benefits no matter how many shifts people commit to.

Ana-Maria, who is originally from Iasi, Romania, and now lives in Dalgety Bay, Fife, graduated in veterinary medicine in 2015, and after six years of studying in her home town, she made the decision to move to the UK.

She worked in a small animal practice for eight months before completing an internship at Vets Now in Glasgow. She then had spells in charity and private daytime practices prior to rejoining Vets Now in Dundee last October.

She said: “I’ve been passionate about veterinary care since I was young. The decision to pursue this career path has always been with me and has stayed with me despite other tempting areas having popped up during my life.

“But when I was working a Monday to Friday day job I felt I had no time for myself. You end up feeling like you are only alive and free to do the things you love on two days out of seven, which I found to be very restrictive.

“I’m happy to dedicate myself to a few weekends a month if it gives me more time during the week.”

Image of Vets Now Dundee weekend vet Ana-Maria Rotariu
Ana-Maria at work in Dundee

However, it’s not just the improved work-life balance that Ana-Maria enjoys about her job. She also relishes the opportunity it provides to work on the frontline of emergency and critical care.

She said: “There’s no routine and you’re constantly challenged. It’s an environment where you constantly grow from a personal and professional point of view and most of the time at a very fast pace. It fits me like a glove.

“Each and every case is a challenge and you always need to be ahead of the game both knowledge and skill-wise. You improve with every case that you treat.

“I think one thing that people tend to miss when thinking about ECC is how rewarding it can be when you help an animal pull through at a difficult time.”

Asked if she had any advice for vets considering following in her footsteps Ana-Maria replied: “I think first and foremost you need to be confident in your ability to work under pressure.

“There are times when you are stretched and you need to be able to make clear decisions on the spot.

“That being said, I believe you also need to have drive and stamina. It’s a very dynamic environment and you need to keep up. Emotional resilience is also important. Not all of our cases have a happy ending. This is part of the nature of the work.

“But do take the chance. You will be surprised at how fulfilling it is.”

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