At Vets Now, we are working hard to create a culture of support and collaboration. Our aim is to empower staff to achieve their career goals and reach their full potential.

One vet determined to make the most of her talents is Tamara Ferreira who joined Vets Now through our fast-track induction programme AdvantEdge.

Originally from Galicia in north-west Spain, Tamara moved to the UK because she wanted to experience the high clinical standards synonymous with veterinary medicine in this country.

Once here, she set her sights on Vets Now, partly because of the company’s reputation and partly because the challenge of emergency and critical care appealed to her.

In this Q&A, Tamara, who works in our Liverpool clinic, explains how AdvantEdge gave her the necessary tools for a successful career in ECC.

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Tell me about your career up until joining Vets Now

I graduated in 2011 and began working in a first-opinion practice in Spain that did its own out of hours. I worked there for four years but I was keen to move my career forward and decided moving to the UK would be the best way to achieve this. I worked in a clinic in Sheffield for a while before doing locum shifts. I then came across the AdvantEdge programme.

What made you change from working as a locum to working full time?

Working as a locum worked really well for me because I like to travel and visit my family in Spain, but I’ve always wanted to work in ECC. Unfortunately, you don’t often get that chance as a locum. With Vets Now, I’m able to fulfil my passion for ECC and the shift pattern lets me work to a schedule that suits me. I can change shifts if I need a certain day off, as well as getting a lot of free time to invest in my hobbies and travelling.

What was it that attracted you to AdvantEdge?

In Spain, I did do some ECC work, but the standards aren’t as high as in the UK. That’s why I moved here because I wanted to become a better vet and make sure I was doing everything correctly. I saw an opportunity with the AdvantEdge programme to refresh a lot of the skills that I’d learned in university and pick up some new ones.

Tamara loves the fast-paced nature of emergency and critical care

"One of the best things about AdvantEdge is that you touch on all the important points of diagnosing and treating a critically-ill patient"

Tamara Ferriera Veterinary surgeon

How did the programme benefit you?

One of the best things about AdvantEdge is that you touch on all the important points of diagnosing and treating a critically-ill patient — things like respiratory systems and cardiology, all the things that help you to assess and diagnose as quickly as possible. Instead of being just another training programme where you learn the same things that are in veterinary books, you’re given the tips you need. There’s no wasting time on things that you’re not likely to see in ECC.

Are you a better vet as a result?

Yes. You really learn a lot on the programme and the lectures are fantastic and informative. Of course, you have to work on some of your weaker areas in your own time, but you’re taught some really valuable tips and tricks that help make you a much better vet.

What was it that you enjoyed most about the programme?

I particularly enjoy ultrasonography and X-ray work, so the practical sessions on ultrasound really appealed to me.

An image of the first ever AdvantEdge group outside the Vets Now support office with the Edge team and Clinical director Amanda Boag for Vets Now article on AdvantEdge
Tamara travelled from Spain to the UK to work for Vets Now as she sought the thrill of ECC

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What is it about ECC that attracted you to Vets Now?

I’m the type of person that always has to be learning. If I get into a routine of doing the same thing day after day I can get bored. That’s why I was attracted to ECC because you are always learning and having to adapt to whatever patient comes through the door and, of course, no two patients are ever the same. ECC is also really challenging. You have to work fast to save lives. It’s certainly far more exciting than doing routine vaccines.

What makes Vets Now a unique employer?

Vets Now care a lot about their patients, as well as their employees. Everyone is looked after here, and we all receive training to make sure that we look after others. It’s not just about the money at Vets Now, it’s about caring for patients and doing the best you can for them. Another thing I really like about Vets Now is the level of training and support you receive. If there’s an area of ECC that you’re interested in or maybe don’t feel confident in, then you’ll receive the support you need to get to the skill level you want to be at. It’s a really caring environment here.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

It’s hard to say. At the moment, I would like to keep on developing my skills and experience, and if ECC turns out to be something I do really well at then perhaps I’d consider taking on more responsibility in my role and doing something like a post-grad or specialisation.


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