Katerina was at a career crossroads when she left her last job.

Here she tells how taking on the role of principal nurse manager has enabled her to develop her managerial skills while continuing to do the clinical work she loves.

When I decided to leave my day job at the end of last year I was ambitious and looking for a new challenge.

Several of my friends had worked for Vets Now and one of them mentioned the Colchester clinic was looking for a principal nurse manager. My initial reaction was ‘no way, I’m not working nights’ and I quickly dismissed the idea of applying.

But after researching Vets Now and its culture and values I came to the conclusion I’d been far too hasty. So I contacted Kate, one of the district managers, for more information. Kate was very thorough, explained the roles fully and gave me an indication of what rota patterns were available.

I was at a point in my career where I was looking to progress and further my skills, not only in nursing but also in practice and people management.

The role of PNM was particularly attractive as it would allow me to continue my clinical work while also developing my abilities as a manager.

I knew that working nights and the role itself would present a challenge so I spent time taking advice from friends and discussing the prospect with my husband. But we came to the conclusion it was a challenge worth taking and one I was ready for.

The application and recruitment processes were seamless. I found lots of useful information on the recruitment pages on the Vets Now website, including advice on how to adjust to working nights, complete with suggested sleeping and eating patterns and staff testimonials.

I was particularly impressed with the four core values which are a fundamental part of the company. I felt this really was a company that looks after and invests in its staff and clients.

I was very pleased to be offered the job in Colchester. I am now several months into my role and enjoying it on every level. From my first day, I’ve felt well supported.

At the beginning, I spent two nights shadowing clinic staff and also several days with my district manager. I also completed a very thorough induction.

One of the great things about working for Vets Now is there is always someone available to help or answer questions no matter the time of day or night. The support available online is also phenomenal.

It’s also great to work for a company that invests so heavily in its staff — the opportunity to grow and develop within the company is encouraged and supported through the various courses, certificates and CPD events they offer.

"One of the great things about working for Vets Now is there is always someone available to help"

Katerina Zalidis Principal Nurse Manager

As a dedicated ECC provider, the support is there for vets and nurses to develop their skills in this area in order to give them the confidence to go into practice and provide the best ECC care to their patients. I am excited about the opportunities that are available to me as I progress my career within the company.

I was recently given the opportunity to meet Richard Dixon, the founder of Vets Now, at our district meeting. It was a particular pleasure to receive his thanks for helping make the company a success.

This has never happened in any other organisation I have worked for and it reassured me that as a company Vets Now really does have its employee’s wellbeing at its heart.

If you’d like to find out more about the career opportunities for ambitious vet nurses click here or speak to a member of our recruitment team on 01383 807 547.