Vets Now’s innovative Cutting Edge induction programme is aimed at vets who are keen to work in emergency and critical care, but who would like to build up their skills and confidence before taking sole charge.

Our latest intake of Cutting Edge vets are five weeks into the programme, and are currently doing mentored shifts in our network of clinics earning valuable ECC experience.

This week’s Q&A is with Giorgia Bartocci, who comes from Perugia in Italy. Giorgia decided to enrol on the Cutting Edge programme after enjoying working on emergency cases in a first-opinion practice.

If you would like to follow in Giorgia’s footsteps click here.

Name: Giorgia Bartocci

Hometown: Perugia in Umbria, Italy

Tell me a bit about your background?

I was born in Perugia, which is a really nice city located in the centre of Italy famous for its chocolate and the Umbria jazz festival. As a child, I was surrounded by green fields and woods so spent a lot of time outdoors. I also looked after a Labrador called Nika and became involved with breeding parrots. I’ve always been close to nature and I still enjoy growing my own vegetables.

Where did you go to university?

I spent five years studying veterinary medicine at the University of Perugia, one of the oldest veterinary schools in Italy.

When did you first decide to become a vet?

I’ve wanted to work with animals since I was a little girl, although I could never quite decide whether I wanted to be a vet or a cowgirl. In my last year at secondary school, I lost my Labrador Nika. Nika was my best friend and to lose her was awful. Behind the sadness I realised that I wanted to be the kind of person that could have saved Nika, so I promised myself to do everything possible to save other animals like her.

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Give me a quick rundown of your career?

After completing my degree, I started my journey in the veterinary world. I began working in a small animal practice in Italy and, after a year, moved to a large referrals clinic in Cambridge to develop my skills. I enjoyed living in England so much that I decided to stay. My job then took me to the north-east where I spent almost three years working in a busy small animal general practice.

Thanks to this experience, I felt confident enough in my abilities to push myself further. It was then that I started to develop an interest in emergency and critical care, and began looking at Vets Now, as I had a few friends who had completed the Cutting Edge programme previously.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about being a vet?

The lifestyle. I really enjoy working in a role that I love, surrounded by animals that I can care for, as well as dealing with really nice clients who appreciate everything you’ve done to save their pet.

Why do you want to work in emergency and critical care?

I’ve always had a strong interest in complex and critical cases. I still remember an old emergency book which I used to read before going to bed and now I love emergency case reports. The emergency cases I had to deal with while in general practice and the different approach to routine cases made my passion for ECC even stronger, because of the satisfaction I felt every time I treated a case.

What prompted you to apply for Cutting Edge?

I know a few people who have completed the Cutting Edge programme. Through them, I learned that the programme was an immensely supportive way to push your skills and learn everything you need to know about ECC in a supportive environment.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself hopefully as a very experienced ECC vet, treating lots of cats, dogs and maybe even a few parrots.

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What are you hoping to get out of the Cutting Edge programme?

I hope that Cutting Edge will be the start of a long career in ECC, and I will do my best to make the most of my time on the programme to ensure I’m ready for whatever challenges face me in the clinic.

What would be your advice to someone who is thinking of becoming a vet?

Never lose your passion and remember that being a vet is a fantastic career. But also remember to get the most from the profession and a high level of support from your colleagues.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Walking my dog Penni, swimming, cooking and gardening. I love aquariology and I have a big aquarium.

What is the most exciting thing you’ve ever done?

Caving. The descent into the cave was scary as I had to pass through many tunnels and some were so narrow I didn’t think I would fit through. When I arrived at the main part of the cave I was amazed to discover a huge lake inside, it was really unexpected. Another highlight was finally making it back to the surface and seeing daylight again.

The next intake for Cutting Edge is in August, and places are almost full. We are also recruiting for more experienced vets for Refresh Your Edge, and our new fast-track programme AdvantEdge. If you, or any vets you know, are interested in applying, please call the Vets Now recruitment team for more information on 01383 841181 or click here.