Cutting Edge is an induction programme aimed at vets who are keen to work in emergency and critical care but who would like to build up their skills and confidence before taking sole charge.

Our latest intake of Cutting Edge vets have just completed the programme and began working in one of our 56 out-of-hours clinics or three emergency and specialty hospitals.

Among them is Cat Francuic, from Suceava in Romania. Cat worked as a vet in his home country for five years before moving to the UK four years ago and has just began working in our Portsmouth clinic.

If you would like to follow in Cat’s footsteps and sign up for Cutting Edge, click here to find out more.

Name: Cat (short for Catalin) Francuic

Hometown: Suceava, Romania.

Tell me a bit about your background? I was interested in mechanical engineering as a youngster and my father took it upon himself to teach me the basics by taking the family car apart right down to the nuts and bolts, before putting it back together. But I quickly lost interest and, after some deliberation, made the decision to go to vet school. It wasn’t long before I was hooked on all things veterinary.

Where did you go to university? In Cluj-Napoca in the centre of Transylvania. I graduated in 2008 after six long and amazing years.

Vets Now, Cat Francuic, from Suceava Romania discuses Cutting Edge

Give me a quick rundown of your career? After graduating I returned to my hometown and asked the state district vet if he knew of any job vacancies. He asked me to come in for an informal interview and then offered me a job in a remote mountain area to provide preventative veterinary services and emergency treatment to mainly farm animals. I worked there for about five years. Although the work was demanding it wasn’t particularly engaging so I decided to seek out other opportunities.

When did you come to the UK? In the spring of 2014 I was offered work as a locum in Yorkshire, where I spent almost two years. My first permanent job was in Southampton in a first-opinion practice where I did another two-year stint.

How did you end up at Vets Now? The practice I worked in was used by Vets Now at nights and on weekends and I was always really impressed by the out-of-hours team’s level of commitment and care. I found out about the Cutting Edge programme and it sounded fantastic. I’ve never been one for planning too far ahead so I decided to apply to see where it would take me and here I am.

What are you hoping to get out of the Cutting Edge programme? The confidence and skills to work sole-charge in emergency and critical care. I’m keen to adopt the ‘ECC way of thinking and doing things’ and implement this in my vet routine. I enjoy a challenge and this is an important next step in my professional development.

What would be your advice to someone who is thinking of becoming a vet? For me, being a vet is a way of life, not a job. It’s not something you can switch off from. Be prepared because if you do the job right, you’ll get more rewards than you bargained for. It’s also important to keep abreast of new initiatives and developments.

What do you like to do outside of work? I enjoy skiing, swimming, travelling, walking (mostly mountain trails), computer games, movies, reading and gardening.

What is the most exciting thing you’ve ever done? I once tried to overcome my fear of heights by doing a bungee-jump.

The next intake for Cutting Edge is in August, and places are filling up fast. We are also recruiting for more experienced vets for Refresh Your Edge, and our new fast-track programme AdvantEdge. If you, or any vets you know, are interested in applying, please call the Vets Now recruitment team for more information on 01383 841181 or click here.