Signing up for our industry-leading Cutting Edge programme gave Laura that ‘extra something’ she felt she was missing

When I graduated from university with my vet degree, I fancied becoming another James Herriot.

But as with the majority of new veterinary graduates, I soon found out that the dream of a mixed practice lifestyle was not as achievable as you would believe, and that spreading my knowledge and skills so thin for such a wide variety of species meant I felt constantly frustrated by not being able to do the best I could for every patient.

I then spent two years in an independent small animal practice feeling generally unsupported by colleagues, bored by day-to-day wellness checks and vaccinations, stressed by over-demanding clients and unreachable targets, and constricted by my inability to practice what I felt were best standards for my patients.

So I decided that enough was enough, and that not only my patients, but I deserved better.Laura Troth, Cutting Edge Vet With Vets Now

I initially wanted to pursue an internship, but with student loans to pay off, pursuing the field of academia presented a monetary issue for me. Looking at my previous two years of experience, I felt the times when I most enjoyed my job was when I was presented with a real emergency – the really ill animals that my quick-thinking and level-headedness could make better, and quickly.

With this in mind, I explored a job with Vets Now, and was encouraged to apply for the Cutting Edge programme by a few of the employees there.

It was the best advice I ever received.

The 10-week training course filled me with excitement, boosted my confidence, and allowed me to hit the ground running in my new career as an emergency and critical care vet.

The work is challenging, but I have such supportive staff surrounding me that I don’t feel stressed. My work-life balance is much better than it ever was in daytime practice, and I feel I can pursue other interests without feeling guilty. I feel invigorated and excited about going to work again.

The variation in caseload is amazing, and I feel as though I’m being tested and learning new things every day. I’m pushed to my limits, but I’m able to handle this because of all of the support around me, whether that be from my colleagues, learning tools, CPD, or support staff.

If you are looking for that extra ‘something’, if you are missing satisfaction in your career, and if you want to feel supported and appreciated in your work, then perhaps you should consider following in my footsteps and try Vets Now Cutting Edge programme.