Our contact centre in Dunfermline, Fife, is the first point of contact for worried pet owners during their time of need. On average our call handlers deal with 10,000 emergency calls a week. Here we speak to three members of the team to find out what life is like on the front line of Vets Now.

Ryan Hooper

Ryan Hooper, Contact Centre employee with Vets Now.

I come from a financial background but I moved to Vets Now more than two years ago as the hours supported my personal life for childcare. I’m so happy I made the change as it’s a rewarding job knowing that you’ve helped pets and their owners in their time of need.

The systems are easy to use and there are always clinical staff and team leaders on hand to provide advice and guidance. It’s a great environment to work in and I’ve had a lot of fun and made some great friends.

Lynsay McElvar

I’ve been in the contact centre for more than two years and I’ve never worked anywhere quite like it. When I first started I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I quickly felt like a part of the family.

As we take calls from all over the country about every kind of pet – from pygmy hedgehogs to Great Danes – no two days are the same. Many calls are not emergencies, just concerned pet owners looking for reassurance. But I love the fact we are happy to see any pet at any time of night or at weekends as us just being there for them offers pet owners peace of mind when they need it most.

Some of the calls can be challenging but we have the most amazing team of vet nurses on hand to give advice and support when it’s required. I’ve learnt so much during my time – it’s amazing the things dogs will eat if they get the chance.

The evening and weekend working hours are great for me as my husband works during the day, Monday to Friday, so I never have to worry about childcare. There is also a pets at work policy at Vets Now and it really makes my day when my workmates bring their dogs with them. Nothing beats getting a cuddle in between calls from one of my four-legged colleagues.

Matt Robertson

Matt Robertson, Contact Centre employee with Vets Now.

When I started with Vets Now I was a little anxious as I hadn’t worked in a call centre environment for more than a decade. There was a lot of information to take on at first but it didn’t take long for the pieces to fall into place.

Every call is different from the last and each one gives you a fresh opportunity to flex your brain and find the best solution. A lot of call centres seem very formal and rigid but Vets Now genuinely want the best for their clients and their pets and that’s reflected in everything they do.

Speaking with concerned pet owners can be challenging at times, but getting it right and knowing you’ve made a difference is hugely rewarding.

I work with some awesome people and everyone has been warm and friendly since the day I started. Knowing that everyone is pulling in the same direction and that your colleagues will help and support you makes it easier to deal with challenging calls, and they also make it a fun place to work. Vets Now is probably the first company I’ve worked for that not only talks a good game but delivers on it, too.

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