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Your pet in safe hands

Your pet in safe hands

Your pets are your cherished companions - and just like us, they can become ill or suffer accidents at night, over the weekend or during a public holiday - just when your usual vets' surgery is closed.

That's where Vets Now comes in. We partner your regular vet to provide a dedicated emergency service during their well-earned time off. We sleep during the day and take days off when other vets are working - so we're alert and effective at our job, whether it's four in the morning or half-way through Christmas! 

We have the same qualifications and experience as other vets, and because we're dedicated to urgent critical care, we're particularly skilled at dealing with emergencies.  And just like other vets, we love animals and we understand the special bond between people and their pets - so you can expect a caring, understanding approach at all times.

In case you need a Vets Now this Christmas download our free app now

At this time of year it is important to know how to find your nearest Vet. Vet surgeries may have different Christmas opening hours or you may be away from home visiting friends or family with your pet and don’t know the local vet. Don’t worry. With our new free ‘Pet Emergency App’ you can be confident that you’ll find your nearest vet in an emergency.

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 Additionally, the app can help you:

  • Find your nearest vet practice in an emergency.
  • Store all your pet’s details in one handy place:  microchip number, insurance details, current medication
  • Remember important dates in a personalised pet calendar; vaccination, worming etc.
  • With help and advice updates
  • Share your pet stories

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